Dearnford Water Tests 2016

August Bank Holiday was our Terra Nova holiday combined with a Test Weekend. We had a lovely week at Dearnford Lake, one of our favourite venues and also hosted the WNC August test. On the Thursday afternoon we ran the second part of the Newfi Challenge that we had had to postpone in June and invited everyone that was staying over to join in. Everyone got into the spirit of all the activities including Newfi Couture, and Amateur Dramatics. Panic set in when the Hoola Hoops were brought out but fortunately they were kept on the floor! The tension grew for the final event which was Doggy Charades.   The overall winners were the Ninja Warriors.  We all celebrated that night with a Curry which went down very well.

The test weekend was very busy with over 200 entries but we had some lovely passes in all disciplines and everyone worked very hard together to get through all the tests and still finish each day in daylight! Our dogs love the variety of the disciplines and that we are able to keep that partnership with our dogs training in land based activities throughout the summer. This is shown by their enthusiasm and excitement when completing the tests.