Delamere Forest Fun Day 2016

To end our busy season we had our Annual Fun Day at Delamere Forest in October. We were divided into two teams, the Yellow Canary’s and the Blue Angels then the fun began.  Throughout the day we played several games, the morning session ranging from a jigsaw puzzle then guessing what the very close up picture was to Hoola Hops with the dogs showing their back up skills. After a delicious lunch it was trying our skills on Space Hoppers which saw most of us in a heap on the floor with our dogs on top of us, Ball Pool, Taking the Troll for a Ride without it falling off!,  and a Blindfold Race with a twist. At the end of the day it was a very close match and the Yellow Canary’s beat the Blue Angels by a couple of points,  then we were all presented with our medals. We all had great fun including the dogs who all worked brilliantly together in their teams. It was a lovely end to our Summer Season.