The Newfi Challenge 2016

Our Annual Newfi Challenge was held in June and after our teams, Bear Force One and Ninja Warrior’s had been given instructions the competition began.  After several team games in the water, including Pirate Party and The Toy Box  and each team stealing a dog to perform a set of water element the scores were very close as we went on to the land games. These included Nosework and a House of Horror’s which we all enjoyed but then unfortunately due to torrential rain we had to call it a day and were unable to finish the rest of the activities.  We decided to have Round 2 at our Annual holiday in August. We held the presentation of awards and the winning team were announced as the Ninja Warriors.  As this event is held in aid of NNC Welfare in memory of Oscar Sanders we were very pleased to donate £125.00 to welfare. img_5610 img_5611 img_5615 img_5632 img_5634 img_5637 img_5643 img_5649 img_5670 img_5673 img_5681 img_5689 img_5691 img_5698 img_5711 img_6063 img_5721 img_5737img_5990 img_6011 img_5760 img_5766 img_5772img_6057 img_5776 img_5782 img_5795 img_5837 img_5846 img_5850 img_5851 img_5854 img_5855 img_5857 img_5861 img_5863 img_5867 img_5874