The Newfi Challenge 2017

On Saturday 12th August 2 teams of Intrepid warriors  met to commence battle for the coveted  Newfi Challenge Trophy.  The two teams, the Bear Faced Warriors and the Long John’s Sea Dogs had been at war all week via email with various threats being made as to how each one was going to win the trophy.

As the battle began each team had to transport all their goods, tribe and dogs via the lake  over to  the New Land! whilst encountering various water challenges along the  way. Once on the New Land the teams set camp ( put up their gazebo’s ) and had to slay 400 cannibals, find various treasures, and a map.   They also had to piece together the head of the Chief Cannibal and hand it to the Oracle ( Judge Sue Sanders) . As an end to the morning entertainment each teams Sacrificial Warrior had to paddle to the New Land in an inflatable animal then each team had to buy their warrior back. After cooking lunch on a stove the afternoon challenge began which was a blindfold, fancy dress agility course for dog and handler. This provided great entertainment especially Dave in a dress trying to go through the tunnel!

After a day of great fun and enjoyment plus a lot of rivalry between the 2 teams and our amazing dogs we were all called to the Oracle’s table for the presentation of the Trophy. With only 75 points difference the winners of this years Newfi Challenge Trophy was the Bear Faced Warriors who were Dave and Julie, Bernie, Kirsty,  Helen and Andy and Jessica with our 4 legged warriors Zak, Tasha,  Fee, Solo, Elmo, Jess and Kali. The runners up were John, Christine, Helen, Dan , Angie, Kev and their 4 legged warriors Milo, Macie, Amber, Lucy, Bryn, Ned and Millie.

A total of  £115.00   was raised for the Northern Newfoundland Club Welfare in memory of Oscar.