Bryn Dist (W & NW)

Bryn is our first newfoundland and plays the dual role of big softie and security guard in our house – heaven forbid someone tries to sneak up to our front door, but when they do, they’re in for a big lick! He’s a brilliant working dog, loving all the disciplines – although he lives up to the legend of the Brown newf and can be very stubborn if he doesn’t fancy doing something! 

The first couple of years training Bryn weren’t easy but he has come into his own now at the age of 4 and is doing really well. He’s a slow and steady boy but very smart. He has passed all levels of standard draught and achievers water and nosework and is working towards the highest level of obedience. Its taken us 4 years of training the standard water exercises but in 2017 we finally got an underwater retrieve from Bryn on a test – what a feeling! Our clever boy can move on up the standard water levels now and really show everyone his skills. He also likes to have a dabble at showing and at giant dog agility – particularly the tunnel!

Bryn is my big smushy face and wins hearts wherever he goes ♥