Jess Dist (W)


Over the Winter Jess has started learning Big Dog Agility. We go on a Saturday morning and she has taken to it really well. I think the tunnel is her favourite obstacle!

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Our Beautiful Girl Jess celebrated her 10th Birthday this year and during the weekend of her birthday took part in a Demo the club put on at Marbury Merry Days.  Jess was a star as she had to tow in a blown up crocodile and a birthday balloon but she was completely un-phased by the whole thing. We had a tea party after the Demo with all Jess’s friends to celebrate.

At our water test in June this year Jess passed her Level 3 Water test and we are thrilled that she has now gained her Water Distinction Title. We are so proud of our little girl and all she achieves. She has had a very busy summer taking part in all the events that Terra Nova have put on this year.  However Jess’s favourite time is when she is cuddled up with her soulmate  and best friend Herbi.


Jess’s 9th Birthday Celebrations below

Jess's 9th Birthday




Breaking News……. Jess has been a superstar again & at The Welton Water Tests & passed her D Test!!!! Well Done Jess xx

Jess came to us from Newfi Welfare in 2008. She had had a horrible start in life and the first six months with us were an experience as she adjusted to a normal life. She was petrified of water and so water training was very traumatic for her. However we persevered and with Herbi giving her confidence Jess finally started to play with toys and learnt to swim. Since then Jess has proved to be the most amazing water dog and having passed her Level D last year (something we never thought she would achieve) is now working on Level E, the highest award. Jess has also taken part in carting and on many occasions was told by the judges that she was a super working dog. Jess has achieved her Gold in Draught, the highest award. We have now retired her from draught work and concentrate on water work. Jess has also taken part in many charity displays and was a member of the team that raised over £5000 for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf and enabled us to sponsor our own Hearing Dog called Flash after the venue we trained at, Winsford Flashes. Like Herbi Jess also featured on Granada Television advertising the event with one of the presenters Paul Crone. Jess has also been in the Parade at Knutsford May Day over the last 4 years. Jess is one of the founder members of Terra Nova, and she has now added Nosework to her list of achievements which she will be working on this year. She is an amazing dog and we absolutely adore Jess, she is one in a million and living proof that all dogs deserve a second chance. !!