Ned Dist (NW)

This is Ned aka Little Ned and he was the first baby to join the Terra Nova gang! He’s not so little anymore at 3 but right from the start he’s been a trooper in the water, passing his Standard C just after his second birthday and now his Standard D just after his third birthday. Now he’s working towards his E and his Achievers Water grade 3 and I’m sure he’ll get there soon!

Ned is our second newfoundland and the complete opposite of his brother Bryn – he is the dreamer, loves to play and train and is often found sitting in the garden watching the birds or catching a scent on the breeze. Ned’s dad Milo also trains with the group so its lovely to see the two of them together and he gets his lovely temperament from Milo.

I can’t wait to see what Ned’s working future holds!