Draught Work..

Draught Work  is a highly skilled obedience discipline that we undertake mainly during the winter months. The dogs were used in Newfoundland where they come from during the winter to haul logs and also to bring the boxes of fish in when the fishing boats arrived in the port. The dogs can work up to 4 Levels of draught, the highest being Gold Level 4 and this consists of an obedience test in a ring, followed by a haul of up to 4 miles whilst carrying a weight of 20kg in their cart. The haul, which is normally carried out in a wooded area or forest  will include many different obsticles to be encountered including steep hills,  ditches, narrow areas, over and under trees and anything else that can test the dogs skills. They also have to complete an out of site down stay during the haul.  The other levels follow the same elements but with shorted distances and less obstacles.

Below is a selection of our dogs showing different carts and the serious and also fun events that we carry out with them.


IMG_1565 IMG_1095 IMG_1094 IMG_1093 IMG_1092 IMG_0886a IMG_0858