Obedience is  a discipline that is used in all aspects of a Newfoundland’s work.  It is very important in water work and also when they are out working with their carts as they have to pass an obedience test before they are allowed to go out on a haul. The dogs train towards various Levels of Obedience, Level 1 being the lowest  and Level 5 being the highest. Once a dog has achieved Level 5 they gain their Obedience Distinction Award.

The tests consist of various elements including lead work, recalls, directional sendaways, leaving food on the recall, handling and grooming, going to bed, climbing over articles and various other exercises to test their abilities.

We train towards the obedience tests all year round as it is important to have a well trained dog and they are always learning whatever their age. As Newfoundland’s are working dogs it is good for stimulation  and keeping them active.