Andy,Helen, Herbi, Jess, Kali & Duffy


Hi we are Helen and Andy and are the very proud owners of our two beautiful Newfoundlands Herbi and Jess. Herbi is 11 years old and is a Landseer ( Black and White) and Jess is 10 years old and Black. We have owned Herbi since he was 9 weeks old and Jess came to us through Welfare and we have owned Jess for 7 1/2 years.  Both Herbi and Jess are working newfoundlands and have worked their way up through the tests in both Water, Nosework, Obedience and Draught, gaining their Water Distinction Titles.  We have also taken part in lots of Charity Demonstrations and raised lots of money for various Charities. We made the decision at the start of 2017 to have another of our other favourite breeds, a Labrador, and so entered Kali, a beautiful yellow girl at 8 weeks old..  Since losing our beloved Herbi earlier this year Kali has helped to keep us busy and be a companion for Jess. Kali can also take part in all the water, nosework and obedience tests so we are able to keep busy training her too. In November this year Duffy joined the Brandelle Team. He is a 4year old St. Bernard who needed a new home. He is now part of our household and will be taking part in Carting and Nosework. We will have to see if he takes to the Water work.!